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Property Inspection Visits and Buying Trips

Global Life Properties can arrange your personalised Inspection Trip to view carefully selected properties in your chosen country. You will always be accompanied on a one-to-one basis to ensure that you have all the information you need to help you make your decision. You will not be pressurised into making a decision. We will put considerable resources into making sure your visit is productive and profitable for you, and above all relaxing and enjoyable.

Our inspection visits are Free, subject to you buying your property through Global Life Properties. We generally advise that a trip lasting 3 to 4 days is sufficient, but we can be flexible subject to a pre-agreed expenditure limit.

Global Life Properties will make all your arrangements

- Flights, accommodation and collection to and from the airport.
- Agree a viewing schedule of properties matching your specific requirements
- Introduce you to an independent lawyer (if you do not have your own)
- Set up bank accounts for you
- Arrange all required fiscal ID numbers
- Provide Free money exchange services for deposits and / or property purchases.

Your Personal Viewing Trip

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During your trip we will show you the properties in which you have expressed interest. We will show you around the areas because getting to know the area is as important to you as the property you are about to purchase.

Throughout your trip we want you to relax and enjoy your few days with us. It is the only way you can make the right decision - so we guarantee no pressure. We are confident our properties sell themselves.

Our careful selection of new developments around the world ensures good value and high quality - so all you have to do is choose the one that is right for you.

Our professional experience ensures that you will have all the necessary information to help make your decision. In a very short time you will know everything you need to know, including legal and financial matters.

Use our Simple Booking Form To enjoy all benefits of our personal one-to-one viewing tour, just complete our Booking Form (a new window will open). We will contact you straight away.

Contact us now to arrange your Free Inspection Trip

To qualify for a free inspection trip you must be a direct client of Global Life Properties, that is not referred to us through a third party such as an agent or any other referrer

When you buy through Global Life Properties as a direct client, we will pay for all expenses incurred on the inspection trip arranged and booked by us, including accommodation, food, drinks, flights, subject to valid receipts. All payments are at the discretion of Global Life Properties.

Property for sale in over 15 countries around the globe

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