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Partnership Programme

We are currently seeking and recruiting new international agents and referrers to our company. Agents and referrers can earn a commission fee for each successful sale of a property. All are welcome - this opportunity is open to all.

We do not discriminate with respect to age, colour, race, religion, sex and / or any other discrimination criteria. Global Life Properties complies with Spanish Law, where it's offices are located, and European Law, and complies with and is diligent to all laws where the company sells property and works within.

How much will you receive?

Within each market there is a different cost structure. Your rewards will depend on the product that your buyer purchases, the value of the transaction, the cost of client travel arrangements and other costa arising. We can provide you with a guideline of commissions. Payment is guaranteed and will be either a percentage commission or a fixed sum.


Payment will be made 30 days after the full monies have been paid to us, and will be sent via money transfer or international bank transfer. The payments will be sent after the presentation of an invoice for the money. The respective parties will be responsible for paying their own relevant taxes and contributions within their fiscal jurisdiction.

Comparison to other companies

We believe we are the most fair company in the market. There is no minimum number of referred clients per month, you will receive a high commission for each client referred that buys with us. You will be treated well, and respected. We benefit from having good relationships with the best developers and service providers in the international real estate market. We have more product, more flexibility, more creativity, more honesty than the most. We believe in treating people with respect, both clients and partners, and are working for the long term benefit for all parties involved in the buying and selling of real estate process.

Property for sale in over 15 countries around the globe

Banyan Curve Water Homes in Malaysia - an outstanding investment opportunity

Banyan Curve, Port Dickson,  Malaysia - see this amazing investment opportunity...

Banyan Curve luxury Water Homes in Malaysia. 8% pa guaranteed rental for 13 years and a holiday home...

Superb value homes in Florida
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